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   Elena is a technical designer born and raised in Romania until she immigrated to the U.S. with her parents in 2012. Initially studied Accountancy and worked as an auditor and accountant in the corporate world for over a decade. In parallel, she pursued her studies in fashion and enrolled in the Technical Design program at Fashion Institue of Technology, New York.


      With a keen focus on details and passion for function, she has a strong vision to create a portfolio of products with the ideal mix of function and fashion. Elena seeks out the gaps to improve and create products that will make our life easier, more balanced and simplified. The first product, RiO, was made based on her own need for a refined customized yoga mat holder to ease the transition from the office into the studio. Her focus lays on pushing the boundaries creating products to give us something in return and reduce daily stress.


      Married to a handsome and kind Italian, the brand name Millevise was inspired by the two different cultures and aspirations. Millevise means a thousand dreams, a combination of the Italian "Mille" (thousand) and Romanian "vise" (dreams). Because it all starts with a dream and desire for beautiful, excellent quality products, inspired to improve our overall life quality. 

     As we explore new designs, fabrics, function, and technology, our ultimate dream is to build a sustainable brand, reduce waste and bring awareness to the benefits of recycled or repurposed materials. All the products are designed in New York, initial production made locally and partner with trusted vendors globally. Together we can find a balance by slowing down and innovate the way we function and dress. Discipline, dedication, and transparency are the key drivers to make our dreams a beautiful reality. 

Dream on, dream with us,

Millevise Team