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Putting my heart, soul and endless hours of hard work into every little detail...that is my secret. - Elena 

    Elena is a technical designer born and raised in Romania until she immigrated to the U.S. with her parents in 2002.  After a decade long accounting career, she became fascinated with the world of fashion and mostly Technical Design. In 2016 she pursued this newfound passion and continued her studies at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. 

   While enrolled in the Technical Design program she crafted a plan to create a portfolio of products with the ideal mix of fashion and function. Her collections include a refined, simplified yet highly functional designs. At Millevise the top priority is to develop compelling products with the perfect balance between fit, function, and style.


   Technical fabrics, soft, clean lines, tailoring, and draping techniques will highlight the versatility of each garment and accessory, innovating the way we shop and dress. We are honored and excited to offer our customers multi-functional, excellent quality products creating an emotional, long-lasting connection with their personal style. 

    We are firm believers that the clothes we wear can do more and better. This is why Elena has started Millevise, translated into "A Thousand Dreams", a place where people can find the garments that will improve the overall wearing experience and well-being. Join us on this journey pushing the limits of design and innovation.

Dream on, dream with us,

Millevise Team


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